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Ernakulam Public Library
The Ernakulam Public Library is the OLDEST and one of the BIGGEST in the state of Kerala.Established way back in the year 1870, the library has been witness to the improvements that have occurred socially and culturally in this city over the past three centuries.A visit to the library will show how it has happily blended tradition with modernism and catered to the requirements of all generations.May be one of the few libraries in the country where there is place for everybody from a child which can be kept absorbed with its exclusive Children's Section, to the student who has enough for both serious as well as light reading,to the senior citizen who has enough material to munch the past.The library has over 10000 members on its rolls and has wide scope to accommodate another 10000 more!!With over 1,50,000 books in numerous Indian languages.
Apart from English and Malayalam,we have books in Hindi,Tamil,Sanskrit,Konkani and even in French.The most vibrant section is our BOOK SECTION which has won the praise of one and all who have come to the library for its ambience.A committed staff would give any person the necessary assistance to get any book.But we follow the OPEN ACCESS SYSTEM which allows a person to choose any book that he/she wants by ambling around the shelves. The REFERENCE SECTION of the library is indeed a place of pride and is most used by the public.

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Facilities for research and to prepare for competitive examinations is provided here.There is sufficient place for the serious-minded to do some very good and purposeful reading.We have a MEMBERS ROOM which is a reading room exclusively for members.Here we have the most current magazines that are available as well as all the major newspapers.Being a public library we also have a GENERAL READING ROOM where the public in general including non-members have been provided with the facility of reading the newspapers on a daily basis.
The library has not just restricted itself to providing reading material alone.As mentioned earlier we have a very exclusive CHILDREN'S SECTION aimed at imbibing the reading habit among children from a very young age.Children from all ages can comfortably sit and do reading while their parents can amble around for the books of their choice and interest.A STUDENT'S CORNER is another unique feature.Right from the lower classes students are encouraged to do project work which has now been made part of their curriculam.With this requirement in mind the library has taken the initiative to provide students right from schools to postgraduation and above the facility to sit and do reference work in this corner.

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